Supporting Yourself

How do you take care of yourself in your own grief, while also caring for a grieving child? Uplift’s clinicians and interns offer suggestions for how to support yourself in grief and engage in self-care.

In this video from our series Talking With Preschoolers About Grief, 2021 Uplift intern Molly Weingrod, CCCE, CD, MSW offers advice to caregivers on supporting themselves in their own grief. Being honest about your feelings, allowing others to help, and treating yourself with warmth, kindness, and compassion are important for self-care in grief.

Clinician Chabeli Angeline Noval, MSW, LSW leads a five-point grounding exercise suitable for both children and caregivers. This self-soothing exercise can help to release anxiety and stay grounded during tough moments.

Filmed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as part of Uplift’s Support For The Helpers series, Taking Care of Ourselves When The World Expects Us To Take Care of Them offers advice for caregivers on how to practice self care from a holistic viewpoint. Led by Associate Director Katherine Streit, MSW, LSW, MS Ed., this video series includes accompanying resources for caregivers.