Sherrie Rucker, MSW

I am born and raised in the City of Philadelphia. I received my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I went on to receive my Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have worked with kids all my life. As a child, I volunteered at my community recreation center. When I was old enough for Philadelphia’s Work Ready Program, I worked as a camp counselor at that same recreation center. That is where my love for children developed. Now I sit on the board of that center in hopes of
bringing more resources to the community. 

I have worked with children in a multitude of settings and I’m proud to say that I am excellent at building and maintaining trustworthy relationships with them. I am glad to be at Uplift to continue this same journey, just on a different path. I have many social work interests and I believe I am in a place that will allow
me to connect and explore them all. 

I believe my backgrounds in criminal justice & social work, and my strong community ties will be huge assets to Uplift. I am looking forward to learning and growing with this wonderful organization. 

What uplifts you?
My son uplifts me. Basketball uplifts me. Achieving my goals is what uplifts me. Being able to create safe spaces for youth in a city where safety is does not feel attainable, to anyone,  is what uplifts me. Love uplifts me. Love will always win. 

TEL: 1-267-609-6826